14th February 

21st February 

1.Raspberry lychee rose ( gluten free)

   Raspberry mousse with fresh raspberry and lychee gel insert, pistachio sponge base, coated with        chocolate velvet effect.  

Contains: milk, cream, eggs, beef gelatine, raspberries, lychees, chocolate, pistachios, butter, gluten free flour, butter, sugar.


2.Layered chocolate hazelnut sable heart (Gluten free, vegetarian)

   Three layers almond sable cookies fills with chocolate hazelnut ganache, Hazelnut praline paste,          roasted hazelnuts.

Contains: gluten free flour, butter, almonds, eggs, chocolate, hazelnuts, sugar.

3.Caramel love heart (Gluten free) 

   Caramel mousse with chocolate ganache filling, Gooey chocolate base, finished with petal pink            mirror glaze, decorated with dried edible roses petals.

Contains: sugar, butter, cream, milk, gluten free flour, chocolate, beef gelatine, condensed milk, dried roses. 

4.Blueberry cheesecake macaron cake (Gluten free, vegetarian) 

   XL macaron shells filled with blueberries compote centre, fresh blueberries, hand piped vanilla              cream cheese.

Contains: almonds, sugar, eggs, blueberries, creamcheese, butter, chocolate.


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